“The clarity, inspiration, synergy and wisdom of this book is breath-taking. It offers a rich delicious mixture of theory, case studies, invaluable tools and leading edge practices and insights. For leaders genuinely seeking to be effective, sustainable and successful while contributing to making the world, and their organizations far better places this is the must read book of 2019. I couldn’t put it down.”  

Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE, former Chief Executive  of 157 Group, Centre for Excellence in Leadership


“The world is changing fast and organizations are not keeping up with the pace of transformation.  This book invites leaders to catalyze the necessary regeneration to not just catch up, but to lead the world into the 21st century.”

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary UNFCCC 2010-2016

“This book is full of wisdom and determination! A book that will inspire leaders to pave the way towards practices in harmony with our inner nature and the ecosystems we depend on.  Just what we need to succeed in the 21st Century.”

Tim Flannery, scientists & author of Weather Makers, Here on Earth 


Regenerative Leadership starts with an unavoidable conclusion: the world’s most pressing challenges are interconnected, and only through a systems view could we hope to solve them. Hope is what Giles and Laura offer, exploring the wisdom, rules, and models for thinking, being, and doing that the natural world offers us. Business leaders will enjoy this mind-expanding journey.”  

Andrew Winston, Sustainabilty Strategist, author of the Big Pivot and co-author of Green to Gold


“This book succinctly brings together the importance business leaders have in redefining and supporting their organisations and communities to do more good. Both Giles and Laura have captured the vision and practical skills regenerative business leaders need today, to create a climate fit for life, tomorrow.”

Nigel Stansfield, President of Interface EAAA


“A must read for anyone who wants to shape a regenerative organization, the only one type which will survive.  This practical book elegantly brings together different theories helping leaders grow to the level of consciousness needed to build the regenerative solutions the world absolutely needs.”

Jean-Claude Pierre, CEO Scott Bader


“Hutchins’ and Storm’s Regenerative Leadership shines a bright light on one of the most critical, and least understood capacities required of anyone and any institution seeking to work regeneratively—understanding and living into the three-fold dynamics of what the book calls the DNA of regenerative leadership. By growing the consciousness required to simultaneously work on developing ourselves, the wholes we are a part of, and the unique contributions we and they are called to make to the larger life world we depend on, we just might be able to achieve the regenerative capacity the Earth is asking for.“

Pamela Mang, co-founder of Regenesis and co-author of Regenerative Development and Design.     

“Leaders of today and tomorrow must be equipped with the right knowledge and skills about regenerative design, culture and lifestyle to build organizations geared for transitions towards sustainable systems that the world needs. They have to be systems-thinkers, ecosystem-facilitators and brave enough to address both inner & outer sustainability. This book is an excellent read for all leaders and change makers"

Gunhild Stordalen, Founder & President, EAT Foundation 


“Giles and Laura bring their vast experience and deep wisdom of natural design and development to create an evolutionary blueprint for a sustainable future for business, people and the planet. An evolutionary blueprint for a sustainable future for business, people and the planet.”

Richard Barrett, President of the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values


“Storm and Hutchins confront the challenge of redesigning the world to deliver a sustainable future with vision, energy, and creativity.  Their concept of “regenerative leadership” recognizes the importance of systems thinking, integrated approaches to business and the environment, innovation, and renewal — all critical foundations for a society in which we all can thrive.” 

Dan Esty, environmental Lawyer & Policymaker, author of best-selling Green to Gold 


“Seeking inspiration in the natural world, the principles in Regenerative Leadership provide a framework for a more inspired path forward in business and life.”  

Ryan Gellert, CEO EMEA Patagonia


This book is a brilliant and succinct synthesis of leading-edge scientific, philosophical and ecological ideas with practical examples of how readers can apply regenerative leadership to their own working lives. It is written with admirable clarity and articulates exactly the regenerative vision we now require to work with the principles of nature. Sustainability is no longer enough - we need to co-create a regenerative future and this highly informative book lays out an implementable road map ahead.”

David Lorimer, Programme Director, Scientific and Medical Network.


In this important, timely and deeply insightful book, the authors fully understand that as our beliefs drive our behaviours, to heal ourselves, our organizations and our relationship with our planetary home, we need to heal our fragmented worldview from the inside out. Not only does this offer the vital potential for us to survive and thrive as a species - it may be our only hope to do so.”

Dr Jude Currivan cosmologist, ex business leader and author of The Cosmic Hologram


“Earth is in the thick of a mass extinction event.  We are justifiably scared of the ecological tipping points that threaten us. But there’s one tipping point that should give us hope: Laura Storm and Giles Hutchins delineate how an economic and social transformation is brewing, with a new regenerative paradigm at its heart. If this is our future, we could avert the worst of the ecological crisis, and live happier more connected lives as well.”

Tristram Stuart, Founder & ToastAle 

“The only thing we know for certain is that radical upheaval is coming - and it threatens not just our organizations and industries, but our democracies, societies, economies, and the very planet we depend on. Will change happen to you, or will you lead the change? Storm and Hutchins share their deep passion and expertise to show you how to ignite shared purpose and break down the silos of information and trust that are stopping you and your people from making their greatest impact on the world. Regenerative Leadership is a critical resource for anyone who wants to be a part of the growing movement to lead for greater richness and resilience. Future generations will thank you!"

Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker, Principal and Founder, TEEM Innovation Group and Author of TEEMING


“With Regenerative Leadership Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm offer a valuable resource to leaders ready to reinvent themselves so that their personal transformation might enable them to better serve in the transformation of the businesses and organizations they are responsible for.”

Daniel Wahl, author of Regenerative Cultures


“Leadership today is trying to navigate a rapidly transforming world with an old map. Hutchins and Storm propose a new operating mental and organization model leaders can draw from to adapt to and thrive in sync with today's environment.”

Pia Mancini, Co-founder Democracy Earth & open Collective 

“Hutchins and Storm demonstrate that they are clearly at the forefront of a new leadership paradigm that maps an emerging model for sustainable organization in any institution that wishes to thrive. Regenerative Leadership is built upon developing awareness of self and system that embraces the wisdom of Nature alongside creative human consciousness. It is an ideal model that recognizes the potential of living systems to revive organizations and leadership to be effective drivers for the next step in our human story. Hutchins and Storm know what they are talking about – and we should start listening.”

Kingsley L. Dennis, The Sacred Revival – Magic, Mind & Meaning in a Technological Age